How many relationships are broken day by day?

Based on the current statistics from 115 case studies and facts conducted in 2018, 41% of marriages end in divorce. For more detailed statistics, check this link.

For sure, men and women out there are dealing with emotional devastation because of Broken Relationships. Now, to avoid this, we need a strong emotional investment because an Emotional Bank Account Matters in a Relationship. Let me try to make an illustration using the simple process of banking.

      • Opening Your Account
      • Maintaining your Account Balance
      • Transacting what’s allowed
      • Checking your Passbook
      • Updating your Account

    Opening Your Emotional Bank Account

    In every person that we are in a relationship with, we have our emotional bank account with a name in it.

    A perfect example is when our parents opened an emotional bank account when our mom started to conceive. Then from that very first time that we kick, our parents and us, begin to have an emotional mutual investment in that account. Obviously, our parents have bigger investments -this is not a question. They deposit countless emotional dollars in the same account, and the account grows for over the years. By nature, children like to take constant withdrawals by accessing the emotional Passbook or ATM with endless emotional cash on hand. Of course, parents tend to love it. Similarly, we have open an emotional bank account for our partner, siblings, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and other acquaintances.

    Maintaining Your Emotional Bank Account Balance

    From the opening of the emotional bank account, regular deposits and withdrawals are made as the relationship goes on. Like the banking rule, provided that there is money in the account, it will remain open. When in a relationship, an argument started, break up, and divorce arises, there will be plenty of withdrawals and no deposits. Thus, making the account over withdrawn. Inevitably, the account will run out of money and will result in closure. In the end, one or two ends up emotionally bankrupt. 

    Transacting What Is Only Allowed from Your Account

    Like a real bank account, the deposits will make the account stronger, while withdrawals make it weaker. Then, there is only an allowable withdrawal, which means that your account should not fall short form its required minimum deposit. The emotional deposits occur unintentionally, or intentionally, consciously and unconsciously, or visibly or invisibly. It happens whenever yous spend time with a person or when you are not. It grows by simple acts such as sending letters, prayers, words, emails, chats, quality time, affection, humor, flowers, cards, chocolates, and so on. As you can see, there are no limitations to what you can deposit. You can just deposit and do not make withdrawals. 

    Bank Account

    Emotional Withdrawals, on the other hand, are normal occurrences that are similar to deposits, can be unintentionally, or intentionally, consciously and unconsciously, or visibly or invisibly. Contrary to deposits, withdrawals are not unlimited. Withdrawals include but not limited to lies, infidelity, lack of quality time, mean words, neglect, broken promises, insensitivity, lack of affection, abuse, lack of thoughtfulness, and so on. Making too many withdrawals without making deposits lead to an empty emotional bank account in a relationship. But if there are enough deposits in your account, no matter how many times you withdraw in a day, the account will remain open. When the withdrawals exceed the deposits, expect that your relationship is in a state of serious trouble. 

    Checking Your Emotional Bank Passbook or ATM

    Ask yourself how secure is your current account. Check when was the last time you made a deposit, and how about withdrawals? I hope that you don’t make constant withdrawals instead make consistent deposits. There is no stationary banking – it is either you make an emotional account deposit or make a withdrawal. 

    Updating Your Emotional Bank Account

    If you think that it’s been a while since you made a deposit in your emotional bank account, this may be the perfect time to update your account. Remember that you can make so much money and receive plenty of awards, but if you don’t have an engaged heart and strong emotional investments, you are nothing. 

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