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Top Reasons Why I Write

I usually publish a full piece in a week. Sometimes, I write two or more articles in a day.

Why do I do this? It’s time to let you know.

Below are the top reasons why I write.

  1. Writing helps me develop my personality.
  2. If I don’t write, I won’t affect people around me. No one would ever read the stuff I thought.
  3. For me, writing is the minimum viable product of my life.
  4. When people ask what I do, I have something to point.

  5. No despair can’t be held at bay with words.

  6. Having a career and paying bills is treading water for me – writing gives me a purpose.

  7. Writing can change lives, and some people’s lives need to be influenced.

  8. I have stories I need to tell and beliefs I need to share.

  9. My writing is my roadmap – it helps me find my way.

  10. If I don’t challenge myself, I will atrophy – without writing, my legacy would be a very well curated Netflix library.

  11. I write to meet new people and to connect with others whom I might never have had any contact with otherwise.

  12. Some might say sharing and creating the written word is the entire point of the Internet.

  13. Because I fucking love the way simple letters look on a minimalist background, I write.

  14. Writing is a career that I felt right to me. When I write, I belong.

  15. My readers are artists, and entrepreneurs who are making incredible things. When I can inspire them, I play a part in their process.

  16. Writing for me is making a connection.

  17. Right now, we are drafting the future of digital publishing – I wouldn’t trade my place in that for anything.

  18. Writing helps me discover things about myself that I never knew.

  19. Writing is its form of innovation, and I like to innovate.

  20. Writing is a skill that is applicable in my industry.

  21. Being able to write is one of the most significant accomplishments of humanity.

  22. I admire writers, so I like writing.

  23. People need great contents. They are reaching out for it and searching for it.

  24. Writing demonstrates not just an ability to put words on a page but also shows dedication and marketing. It can become a point of professional differentiation.

  25. Writing helps me relax, breathes, and takes stock of my life.

  26. I write because there are some incredible words out there that are fun to write such as floccinaucinihilipilification (I don’t even know what that means), but I enjoy it.

  27. Writing stops me from being bored in a way that TV can never quite match.

  28. Writing gives me something to do on a day that I am free.

  29. I write to learn.

How about you? Why do you write?

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