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The Best Way to Love

“I will die for you.” This is one the sweetest words to say and hear from a person you love the most.

On the “surface” love looks quite simple. You love someone, or you don’t. But is it really so facile to determine love just like that? Of course, it’s not!
Love is a very complicated thing, that’s something we often do not realize. There are some indicators which show you that you’re in love with someone. Like when you have the sense that your everyday life feels better with one person, or when you look at the future and see yourself with that person, when you always think about, or when you lose interest for others just to spend time with him/her.

We all have some people in our life that we love. It’s something we feel, and we are just happy because of them. But the main difference between us is the way we share that love with others. Some people are scared to be expressive, they don’t want to show their feelings because they think it would make them look weak. That’s totally ridiculous! We should let them know how we feel. We should express our love to them. We should be open and comfortable enough to make them think how worthy are we because of them.

There are dozens of ways to show someone how much you care about them. It can be by giving them the support they need, by helping them even when they don’t ask you, by sharing their sufferings with you, by dedicating them your time and attention, by gentle touching and little gifts, and so on and so forth.

We have our different ways to show how much we love, how much we care, and how much people mean to us. Make it clear to them that you’re ready to participate in solving their problems and I am sure they will always appreciate such a gesture.

You can’t love someone by not doing anything. You cannot love someone when you’re not ready to give up something for them. Make them laugh with you every time and do the best you can. Try to make each and every day of your life special and unique.

There is no other way to love someone but to love them the same way you wanted to be loved.

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