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The Best Things in Life are Free

How many times have you heard the famous passage “The best things in life are free”?  Moreover, how many times did you enjoy them without burdening yourself with work and problems?  

The last century marked the war, deflation, and poverty.  A lot of the things that are left behind are negative remains and consequences that led to an entirely absurd situation. At the time when all existing moral values got lost, young people became rounded with branded clothes, fancy shoes, and meaningless, expensive cars – those that are pure materials that degenerate its value after the passing time. But what about those “overwhelmed friendships” and “love”? It is time to reflect and realize “It is ENOUGH!” We should forget about fabricated values of the modern era to be happy and focus on finding happiness in small things that without material valuation because these are priceless.

Money cannot buy the best things in life – what indeed makes us happy and fulfilled are free and available for everyone, but we often are not aware of it. We search everywhere just to seek happiness, but we do not realize that happiness is free. There is a long list of things that make us happy: smile, hug, family, friends, delicious food, old pictures, watching the sunset, walking down the beach, and more. We all probably agree that happiness does not have a price.

Daily satisfaction makes us happy more than expensive clothes or cars. Staying home after work and watching a movie with our loved ones make us forget about every problem we have and give us the sense of serenity and peace. It seems that complicated and stressful life we lead has caused us to connect with the things that are not essential increasingly. Above everything, our families, companions, and friends are the main reason for our felicity.

It is just a friendly reminder that the best things in life are free.


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