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The Best Thing I Love About You

Do you know the best thing I love about you? Read here to find out.

Psychologists say that love is a feeling based on emotional attachment to a particular person. It means that I have a close and warm relationship with you.

One day you came into my life in a never expected way. You woke my sleeping heart and made me feel special. Day by day we talk and develop trust. You share your stories, and I share mine. I laugh, and you laugh. You admire me, and I respect you. Your physical appearance is nothing but a momentary impression. You are handsome, but it is not sufficient reason to love you. The reasons for that go much more profound. It takes time and patience before I knew you. It was just after I comprehended your characters and moral attributes that fit mine.

Now, there is nothing more special but seeing you. Your smile makes my day. You give me strength and inspiration to get up every day. You give me an unconditional support. I like your bravery and your personality. There are kindness, compassion, positivism, pride, and dignity.

People strive for the feeling of love to be mutual, but love is not about making me happy because I make you happy. Love is to be given freely; it is not something you have to ask. When I say I love you, it is because I feel that for you. It is not because you love me. I do not care for you because you care for me. I love you because I do.

Hence, the best thing I love about you is loving me not because I do, but because you do. You are awesome!






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