Love is a sophisticated and powerful force, which very much determines the emotional, cognitive and social life of every individual. When we love someone, we feel the emotional thrill of the presence of that person. Also, we think a lot about that person, and our previous experience can play a significant role in shaping the expectations of our relationship. For example, if you genuinely believe in “love at first sight” there is a higher chance that it happens to you.

The term LOVE serves to describe various dimensions of emotional reality. We use the word LOVE in many different contexts, like when we say we love our partner, friends, family, even a pet or a car. Every person is born to love and to be loved; it is a focal point of our existence.

External beauty is just a starting point; it encourages the affection between two human beings; it’s crucial but temporal. But a real meaning of love develops when partners awaken emotional connection. Once established, romantic relationship between partners is only future enhanced by mutual trust and respect. The kind of love we feel for our beloved partner will probably change over time. At the beginning of every relationship, we sense anticipation waiting to see a person we like and we feel excited during every meeting. This kind of feelings characterize a romantic relationship, and it could last for years. Later on, it will be replaced by a deeper connection, when partners start to meet each other better. This stage is called “partners love,” and it can last forever.

A love relationship can come from friendship, and “sudden” romance can surprise a couple, but people involved in such relationship have more chances to stay together for a long time. When we have someone to love, we feel alive and ready for everything that is waiting for us tomorrow. Moreover, when that love is mutual, the only sky is the limit. Beyond that, we have the unconditional love which is the best of all love. It is the love that sets no limits, no boundaries.

Without love, our existence has no meaning.

Marjorie Gabatin

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Amy · October 29, 2017 at 3:52 am

This is interesting. I like all your posts.

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