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The Best Behind Our Smiles

Smiling is one of the keys to show the depth of happiness we feel at the moment. However, this is not enough to express the joy we experience.

With life’s tensions, stresses and unpleasant feelings, there is nothing special but to be with someone that makes us smile. A smile is a clear indication that someone is having a good time so it can illustrate what gets someone who enjoys life, and what loses the one who does not. It reflects a happy and satisfied person. Also, it does more for our physical and mental health. It decreases the general muscle tension and impacts the growth of immune resistance. It also sustains relaxation of the blood vessels to reduce pressure.

The need for fun is one of the fundamental human needs, and the people we love and care give us the best smile ever. They are the main reason for our happiness and delight. Without their presence, we lose the meaning of existence. However, sometimes it just takes someone to make us happy. This particular person makes us feel amazing and makes us smile to the best we do not notice. We have that person we love to stay with, talk with, joke with, and be with all the time. This someone is behind our smile. Yes, every moment we spend together with is a momentum. Just being with that someone makes us beautiful and perfect.

However, the smile on our faces is not enough to demonstrate the happiness we have. It is not even a half of the unmeasurable joy. Our smile is happiness, but behind this is bliss.

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