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Temple of Leah: A Shrine dubbed as Taj Mahal in Cebu Philippines

Love is endless – it’s eternal. It is what Taj Mahal suggests. Taj Mahal is made of white marble mausoleum built out of love. Emperor Shah had it built in loving memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Who would think the Adarna from Cebu city will do the same?

Temple of Leah dubbed as Taj Mahal

The Temple of Leah is dubbed as the Taj Mahal in Cebu. If you are a tourist, you can check Agoda for hotel accommodations and flights. Like Emperor Shah, it’s a grand gesture of eternal love from a loving husband to his late wife. But the difference is that the Temple of Leah is a Shrine. It holds the memory and treasure of his wife. Her name is Leah Adarna; she is the wife of Teodorico Adarna.

Temple of Leah

Love is compelling and eternal. When we went to the shrine, we felt the love that Teodorico has for his wife. It’s impressive to see Leah’s treasure in the sanctuary. Even though the shrine is not yet finished, it is already beautiful, and it looks astonishing. The shrine is visited by many people, both locals, and tourists.

Temple of Leah Fountain

Facts about Temple of Leah

The Temple Leah is an act of love that’s worth over 80 million pesos already, yet more millions are coming to spend and continue building it. Just so if you are curious, the family owns a hotel in Cebu so the family si well off. The temple started its construction in 2012, and the development is still ongoing. It is located about 45 minutes from the city center, and it’s a huge shrine. It’s a very relaxing and a super impressive place.

Temple of Leah Statue

The entrance fee is 50 pesos, but it’s worth it. Some couples do their prenup shoots at the temple. Everywhere you see, you will feel once again, I want to reiterate, the undying love. The shrine’s design is said to withstand the test of time, and now it’s becoming a landmark. It’s a landmark of Cebu and the future generations of the Adarna. It is where they can trace back their roots and, of course, their heritage.

Temple of Leah Stairs

Temple of Leah Front

Temple of Leah stairs 2

Other Features of the Temple of Leah

The temple of Leah is found on the top hill of Busay, Cebu City, and it’s seven-story high that is standing at 5000 square meters. The gate opens to the courtyard with granite floors and has marble on it plus a fountain at the center. Ancient Romans and Grecian statues inspire the structure. The two golden lions stand as a guard on both sides of the main stairs leading to the portico, which leads to the shrine, which features a nine-foot bronze statue of Leah. It’s Leah’s temple, Temple of Leah. It holds 24 chambers of Leah’s collection from antique jars and books.

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