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Grammar and Curriculum

The K to 12 Program, the current basic education curriculum of the Philippines, does not give more emphasis on teaching grammar in the present situation. It is evident in the curriculum guide, books, and other resources that the Department of Education follows. This program is Outcome-Based Education. The teaching focuses on syntax, language fluency, and meaning, which holds back from the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach than a traditional syntactical approach to teaching. The lack of grammar teaching methods coincides with the technological era that impacts today’s generation.

Grammar and Theory

Grammar from the general definition of the New Oxford American Dictionary states that it is a whole system and structure of the language – English to be specific on this point of view. On the other hand, the definition of grammar, according to linguists, is more subjective. Say, Noam Chomsky, introduced the Universal Grammar (UG). He believed that children are born with an innate capacity to learn and master a language. Furthermore, he pursued that the person’s internal sense of grammar allows him or her to plan, create, and develop society. Even though the idea of the UG seems plausible at some point, the concept that grammar can be taught is widely accepted.

How Grammar is Taught

As a teacher, we can tell that grammar is complex. It is challenging and tricky to gauge how grammar should be taught since there are plenty of confounding variables that interfere. Most commonly, contrary to the earliest approach in teaching, grammar was stressed at the beginning of language learning, which at this point, attention was shifted to the knowledge and skills necessary to use grammar in communicative skills and not grammatical skills. Analyzing the trends in communicative language learning gives an insight into the current role of today’s grammar that often arises in the communicative task. Nevertheless, I have a firm conviction that grammar should not be taught in isolation; learners must be given an opportunity to learn grammar inductively and deductively. Whereas, grammar and communication must be correlating and taught in a manner that learners understand.

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