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People are Good at Heart

In my 27th years of existence, I found people that are very hard. They are very hard on simple things as if every little penny matters. Yesterday, I came across a different story. “There are some people out there that are good at heart.”

Let me start…

Though it is summer time, circumstances still call teachers out there to go to school for some important matters. I went to the school and did what I had to do. When I left, I went to the Division Office and submitted a report that I always do monthly. When I was on my way back home, I pulled my car on the side of the road upon seeing the bunch of watermelons along the highway that the vendor was selling.

I once dropped by to the same place several days ago and bought the same fruit. I couldn’t remember exactly the price per kilogram. So, I asked, “How much is one kilo of the watermelon?” I do not usually ask for the price, but right that time I had to. The little old man responded, “25 pesos, Ma’am.” I assumed that one watermelon would weigh four to five kilograms. So, while he was holding a watermelon, I asked, “Do you have a watermelon smaller than that one?”

By this time, I was looking inside my wallet, counting the money left in cash, and the coins I had. I told the old man to look for a smaller watermelon because the money in my wallet might not be enough to pay 100 pesos for the four kilograms of watermelon. I couldn’t pay using my cards because the vendor did not have the machine, and I couldn’t withdraw any money since there was no ATM nearby.

To cut the story short…

The vendor came back to me holding the same watermelon that weighs four kilograms for 100 pesos. He said that it was the smallest one. Meanwhile, I finished counting the cash left, and it was only 70 pesos. I told the vendor that I couldn’t pay the same amount anymore because my cash was not enough. I was looking at the watermelon; I know my nephews and niece would be happy when I got back home with the watermelon for them. They were home that whole day.

The vendor told me to get the watermelon that costs 100 pesos for 70 pesos. I admired the vendor, and I couldn’t believe he said that. I know he was doing business, and business is business. Besides, I was not like a beggar begging for alms. A profound thought went on me, and I told myself that the vendor deserves more. I will repay his kindness by buying again and paying extra.

I see that people are good at heart. Or maybe, it is like a return of kindness. I used to sell watermelons too during summer, and I did the same thing to people whom I know wanted to eat watermelon but couldn’t afford the cost. Whatever it may be, I only have one conclusion. It is to say that some people may be hard and terrible, but there are still many people out there that are good at heart.





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