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How to Keep Building Your Mental Muscles  

How do you build your mental muscles?

Whenever you give up the bad habits that are robbing you of mental strength, your good habits will become much more effective. The best possible way to keep up with your mental fitness is by thinking of yourself as your mental strength coach. Pay attention to your habits to ensure that you aren’t falling into the trap of doing anything that mentally strong women don’t do. Perform regular mental strength exercises, and push yourself to build your mental strength. It would help to do the following:

Monitor Your Thoughts

Training your brain to think differently takes consistent practice. But no matter how much mental muscle you build, there will still be times when you compare yourself to others, insist on perfection, overthink everything, or let self-doubt prevents you from reaching your goals. With practice, however, you’ll become better equipped to respond to the negative voices that run through your head more productively.  

Monitor Your Feelings

Your emotions influence how you think and how you behave. Becoming more aware of how you’re feeling, and gaining the skills to cope with those emotions in a healthy manner takes persistence. But with practice, you’ll find the courage to break a few rules that might be holding you back or let go of the self-blame that prevents you from feeling your best.  

Monitor Your Behavior

Whether you stay silent, stay stagnant, or remain stuck, unhealthy behavior patterns can be hard to change. But the stronger you become, the better able you’ll be to recognize those unhealthy cycles you get into, and you’ll be able to create the positive changes you need to become a better person. Mental strength isn’t something that either you have, or you don’t. It’s something you build over time, and it’s something that you need to keep working on developing. Mental muscles are like physical muscles; you have to exercise to keep them strong.

What to Expect as You Grow Stronger  

Sometimes people think being mentally strong means earning millions of dollars, or you’ll be immune to bad days or bad moods. But those things aren’t necessarily the hallmarks of mental strength. Becoming stronger may mean saying no to lucrative financial opportunities that aren’t in line with your values. If you prefer to spend more time with your family and less time in the office, working less could be a sign of mental strength. Similarly, if you’ve spent countless hours at the gym because you hate your body, learning to love yourself more might mean working out less. Being kinder to yourself can be a sign of increased mental muscle. Here are the benefits you’ll gain from building mental muscle:  

Increased resilience to stress

Although stress is part of life, it can take a toll on your physical and mental health if it’s not managed well—building mental strength buffers against those harmful effects of stress.  

Improved life satisfaction

As your mental strength increases, your confidence in your ability to deal with whatever life throws your way will soar. You’ll have peace of mind that will help you find more enjoyment in everyday life.  

Enhanced performance

Whether your goal is to become a better parent or you want to conquer your fears, mental strength will help you perform at your peak. Of course, you’ll never become an expert at anything by merely reading a book. Top musicians, athletes, and performers don’t achieve success by reading a book or watching other people. They have to practice to get better. Mental strength is the same. It takes dedication and practice to become stronger.


Building mental strength is more of a journey than a destination. There will be times you’ll make mistakes and times when you’ll make bad choices. But there will also be times when you’ll prove to yourself that you’re stronger than you imagined.


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