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How to Boost Your Self-Confidence

I have a friend. Every time we go somewhere, she covers her face. I don’t know, but it seems like she doesn’t want other people to see her. It’s weird, right?  At first, I just kept ignoring her gesture until I can’t take it anymore. I have to be frank. I asked her why she is covering her face all the time. By the way, it’s either she uses her hair or her hand to cover it. She said that she was shy. 

I can’t imagine that there are really people out there who lack self-confidence, regardless of age. If you are this person, the tips below may help you.

Remember that self-confident people are admired and inspire others to be confident. They are risk takers, and they face their fears. They believe that no obstacles can hinder them to do what they want and take negatives that come their way into a positive light. Isn’t it amazing to get the same self-confidence?

I remember Barrie Davenport. She said that self-confidence can be learned. It can be practiced and mastered. It’s not yet too late. You can do it. If you don’t believe in yourself, do you expect others to believe you?

Tip 1: Always be nice to yourself.

Don’t make it too hard to yourself. If you hear a little voice telling you, it’s over, that’s it. It’s over and stop pushing. Make an effort to be kind to yourself. If it happens that you slip up, challenge your negative thoughts. 

Tip 2: Change your image and your body language.

Just how you stand and carry yourself reveals if your confident or not. Stand straight and pull your shoulders back, this will give an impression that you are confident. Imagine yourself in a good posture and try to do it. 

Your smile, posture, and eye contact come into play in this aspect. Make eye contact with the person you’re talking to. Stop looking at your shoes or your hair. You can do more by going an extra mile. Fix yourself, give your hair a nice look and dress nicely. If you’re not comfortable with your dress, change it. Practice carrying it at home before you go out. 

Tip 3: Stop comparing!

Please, do not compare yourself to other people. You’re different and unique. You’re beautiful in your own way. Remember that when you keep comparing yourself to others, it’s a sure-fire to begin feeling crummy. So, focus on your personal goals and achievements than measuring others. 

Tip 4: Stay away from any negativity. 

Evaluate your inner circle. It includes your friends and family. Although it’s tough, you have to determine and go away with negative individuals that pull you down. Don’t let anyone shred your confidence. Be positive and put enthusiasm in interacting with other people. Do not focus on life’s problems, instead focus on the solutions and the positive aspects it will bring to your life. 

Tip 5: Prepare!

Just always be prepared. Have the knowledge to back up your argument. If you’re ready, you’ll increase your confidence. So, just make whatever is in your list to conquer. May it be about your field, your job, and others. 

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