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How to be a Writer?

A few days ago, I received a question from my closest friend. He asked me, “how to be a writer?”

Somewhat surprised, I uttered, “Never stop writing!” I told him that to be a writer, write, write, and never stop.

If you need essential strategies for writer, click this link. To be a writer, I outlined below some of the simple things to do and have.

Find time

Writing take time, so if you aspire to be a writer, you have to give time. Find time to write, or else you will not be able to call yourself as a writer.

Never stop writing

You can become a writer when you do not stop writing. A writer writes all the time, morning, noon, and night. Write when the time appears to be right, and when it seems to be not. Write when the people read or read not. Write when people appreciate or criticize your work even if you do not feel like writing at all. The point is, “never stop.” Keep writing!

Desire to write

To be a writer, you should desire to be. You must incline to write. From this desire, improve your writing. It is like how we nurture plants to grow. The plants grow well if we nurture them by taking care of them. Similarly, this inclination to write must be strengthened by cultivation. Nurture your desire to write, or it will die.

Know your strengths

Writers themselves know their strengths which make them more confident. Acknowledge that you are rare, a precious jewel.

Develop your weaknesses

There is no other way to face your weakness but to improve them. Practice makes you better, and this has been proven many times. Thus, develop yourself in this area. A person cannot be a writer in a second. You need practice.

Have your style

If you want to be a writer, develop your style. Be unique and shine on your way. Do not copy the style of other writers. Remember, you do not base your writing on them.

Enjoy writing

A writer loves and enjoys writing. So, to be a writer, writing should not be a burden for you. Instead, it gives you happiness and joy.

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