Hello! I am Marj G.

For more information, kindly check my   Curriculum Vitae.

I am a master teacher, blogger, freelance writer, editor, proofreader, and researcher. I am the founder of a writing service industry, tailored in response to any writing needs. Check out our writing services at writingmasterservices.com. Otherwise, contact me, let’s discuss the business.


Work Experience

Aside from being a full-time teacher in different fields, I manage to work as a writer, editor, proofreader, and researcher. I also create ebooks to spread information and knowledge. I also continue to manage this blog, and our writing industry website. Besides that, a full-time manager of Writing Master Services, a writing industry.


Clients’ Feedback on My Work

Working as a freelance writer alone, I’ve managed to make a great impression on my clients. Their excellent feedbacks help me continue my writing career. Take a look at the few of them below:

It was great to work with her. She listens to your needs and approaches them correctly. She follows the deadline and overall is great to work with.” – James H.-

The above feedback was from my client who made me do some academic writing tasks.

“Very happy, work completed to a very high standard.” – James T.-

This feedback was given by my client after making an essay for academic purposes in an Australian context.

“Simply put: Marjorie is AWESOME! Definitely, didn’t disappoint! She adhered to all deadlines and delivered quality work as needed! Trust me, you NEED her for your next project!” – Jasmin-

This is what my client describes me after revising and editing his thesis for his master’s degree. He is from Europe.

“As usual, Marjorie did a good job. Looking forward to working with Marjorie again. Thank you for your hard work.” –Jake-

My client was delighted after doing the translation and transcription job for him.

“Marjorie was very responsive, both to my requirements and to deadlines. I am pleased with her work.” -Ashley-

This is from my client who had me do a lesson plan for Secondary English intended for US students following their curriculum.

“She is a great writer that produces high-quality content. She’s good in following guidelines and is always willing to learn. Will definitely consider working with her again in the future.” -Luc-

Luc had me do an article, SEO friendly and based on a specific requirement. He is one of the clients I enjoyed working with.  He is from Asia, Vietnam.

“Marjorie did an excellent job for me. She went above and beyond and communicated really well with me based on the details of the assignment. I will hire her again in the future when I need another work project completed. Thank you, Marjorie!” -Laura-

“I hired Marjorie for another assignment, and she did an excellent job. I’m very pleased with the results. She had initiative and creativity in what she created and wrote for the project, so it turned out really well.” -Laura-

These two feedbacks are from my client who had me do some materials for teaching. She loved the work, and I am glad.

These feedbacks are just a few of the great feedback I received from my clients.


Educational Attainment

Going to school and learning both inside and outside of its four corners is one of the things I love to do. No wonder I finished my master’s degree and bachelor’s degree just the right time in dignified schools in my beloved country. However, it was not easy, but I made it easier.

Guess what? I am not yet contented, I enrolled other courses. I am currently taking my PhD and find time to study nowadays online. I like Udemy courses that entice me, so I take them.

Now, it is true. “People do not stop learning!”


Work With Me

Do you have any writing project? Try to work with me by contacting me at the Contact Page, or send me an email at gabatinmarj@gmail.com. Or work with me, and my team at writingmasterservices.com.

We will take care of what you need, and you can have peace of mind. 

About Us

Writing Master Services is a trusted writing industry provider tailored in response to any needs for academic, technical, business, medical, creative, and casual writing. It also provides translation and transcription writing services as well as editing and proofreading. With a full array of services offered, we are committed to producing highest-quality writing beyond expectations for any of your writing needs.


Offered Services

At Writing Master Services Company, we do our best to give the topnotch services to our clients by meeting their highest-quality writing needs regarding academic writing, technical writing, business writing, creative writing, medical writing, casual writing, translation writing, transcription writing, editing, and proofreading. We do acknowledge that there is no other way to make our customers happy and satisfied other than giving them excellent services.

Our Experts

At Writing Master Services Company, we are composed of a number of professionals, proficient, and responsible writers. From your writer’s choice, we can give you the options for the writer’s level. We are a writing platform that will help make your life easier, no worries. Let us handle your writing needs. We assure highest-quality writing beyond your expectations.


What We Are

Writing Master Services is a group of individuals from different parts of the world, cooperating to make the highest-quality writing you need. We are a pool of writers helping each other deliver you the best writing services you ordered from us.

What Services Do We Provide?

Writing Master Services provides different services such as Academic Writing, Business Writing, Creative Writing, Medical Writing, Casual Writing, Transcription Writing, Translation Writing, Editing, and Proofreading.

How Does It Work?

In our website at writingmasterservices, just follow the procedure below to make orders:

Step 1: Place Your Order

Provide us with the following details using our secure form:
A. Type of Document
B. Topic
C. Specification
D. Deadline

Step 2: Assign a Writing Master

The writing master possesses the following requirements:

A. Proficiency
B. Flexibility in the writing difficulty and deadline

Step 3: Check Quality

Our Quality Department will check the following:
A. Correspondence of the Completed Paper
B. Editing
C. Proofreading
D. Plagiarism Check

Step 4: Download Paper

Upon deadline, your paper will be available for the following:
A. Download from own account
B. Sent to the e-mail address

Do you need more details about us?

Check us at writingmasterservices.