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G-Cash Investment: How I Made It

“Put your money to work.” This is a catching statement that enticed me to try G-Cash Invest Money.

My enthusiasm rises when I read the next line that says it’s a hassle-free investing through the app, and I can start for as low as 50 pesos. If you don’t have an account, and interested in opening one, click this link.

So, I created an account and downloaded the application on my iPhone. After completing the application, I saw that my G-Cash profile was basic. So, I underwent the process to get fully verified so that I can access all the features available. You know to maximize the use of the app. It took a few steps that start from uploading an identification card, then taking a selfie. When I woke up the next morning, I got a notification that my account is now fully verified.

G-Cash investment

G-cash investment

G-Cash Investment

I browsed the features, and I learned that G-Cash offers a wide array of services. Well, Investing is what interests me. I took thorough research about G-Cash Investment, and I found some insightful articles. However, there are no testimonials yet as to how the investors earned or how much their investments have multiplied, or maybe I did not search that hard. But, G-Cash is new in the industry, but it grows fast. Still, thinking about investing, I thought of starting from a low amount. The lowest amount you can invest is Php 50, so I made up my mind to invest Php 500.




Since I need to have available cash in my account, I have to cash in. There are various options for cashing in – Over the counter, Online Banks, and Remittance. I prefer Online Banks option because it’s hassle-free. I just followed the instructions given. It’s quick and super easy.


G-Cash G-cash

Now, I have a fund of 500 pesos which I can use to invest for now. I will invest this low amount for now because this is the only amount I am willing to lose. Remember, investments do not guarantee a great result. I don’t want to lose more. I tapped the investment option in my app, and I was asked to fill out some information and preference. It will determine the type of investor you are. When completed, you’ll see your Risk Profile. I was labeled as CONSERVATIVE based on my answers to the questions.

G-cash Investment

G-Cash investment


G-Cash Invest Money

I viewed the Investment Products, and I saw the ATRAM Peso Money Market Fund. You’ll know the Investment information and the Fund Description. So, that’s it; I invested my 500 pesos. I have to agree to the Terms and Conditions and the RISK associated with it. It says that I may earn or I may lose an amount from the amount I invested, so, for now, I don’t want to risk high. I received an email and a notification from G-Cash. It takes two days before the subscription becomes available in the app, so for now, I can’t see it yet. Well, the good thing is I can track my investment when it becomes available. I can add if I wanted so, and I can withdraw my subscription if I wish so.

As to whether I earn or not, the data is still unavailable right now. Perhaps, you can try investing a smaller amount also to figure it out yourself. I made this out of curiosity, and of course, to find a good investment opportunity. Now, I am in the process of figuring out, whether it’s worthy or not. I will update this as soon as I see the result.

If you want to open your G-Cash account now, click my referral link, and get a 70 pesos worth of freebies.


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