Success and Happiness do not go together

A psychologist said that 50% of happiness is genetically predetermined. So, half of your happiness is already determined the moment you were born. So, you are skew to get happiness without being successful at first. Contrary to this psychologist, I want to reduce the percentage, and just make it 20%.


Habits of Highly Effective People

Life is a very complicated matter; sometimes, it becomes more stressful and more demanding. We face problems and challenges almost everywhere - from personal lives to family, and organizations. Wait. There is more. The shift of the world we live in. We transitioned from the Industrial Age to the Information Age or the Knowledge Worker … Continue reading Habits of Highly Effective People

The Best Sources of Inspirations in Life

Did you ever feel tired of your life? Tired that you do not want to do anything anymore. Think about this to stop you from being one. It is simple - You must have a bright purpose, your expectations in life, and the things you are ready to sacrifice. Having the mission in life is … Continue reading The Best Sources of Inspirations in Life

The Best Advantages of Freelancing Career

Freelancing career offers tremendous opportunities and alternatives to a traditional job. A freelancer is employed but not committed to any employer for a long-term. Check out the following advantages of Freelancing. 1. The Flexibility of Working Hours Freelancing career provides a high flexibility of working hours. Workers can work any time of the day and … Continue reading The Best Advantages of Freelancing Career

The Best Practices of Top Workers

What separates top workers from solid ones? You may not agree with me, but best practices separate top workers form solid ones. High workers use the best ways of working to achieve specific objectives. They get up in the morning and start working on to make their big dreams. The following are some of the … Continue reading The Best Practices of Top Workers