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Caramoan Islands: Unspoiled Beaches

“Powdery white sand, pristine beauty, and epic scenery. Nothing I could ask for more. It’s worth the world’s adventure!”

Let’s explore Caramoan Island. If you are a tourist, you can check Agoda for hotel accommodations and flights.

Explore Caramoan

Caramoan is one of the towns in the 4th district of Camarines Sur. It has an approximate population of 40 000. Caramoan belongs to the second class municipality in Cam. Sur. Caramoan has been a favorite site by international franchises survivors. It hosted the Serbian version for two consecutive seasons. Then, the Israel version Survivor for three successive seasons. In May 2009, the Bulgarian Survivor filmed the fourth season on the island. From May to June 2010, the Swedish version of Survivor was filmed on Caramoan Islands. The 25th season American version of Survivor was shoot in Caramoan and was premiered on September 19, 2012. 

Worth Knowing about Caramoan Islands

Caramoan Islands are among the tropical islands that make the Philippines beautiful. Aside from the famous Boracay Island, Cebu, and Palawan, Caramoan Island is another worth discovering gem in the country. Just recently Caramoan islands grow its tourists. The island is unspoiled, secluded, and vast part of the unexplored area in the Bicol region. So, if you’re looking for pristine beaches, you’ll enjoy more than this, you’ll appreciate the powdery white sand, the stunning rock formations, and marine life. Not only beaches are famous for both locals and tourists, but also the caves and the waterfalls.

Caramoan Island

I love the picturesque of the Caramoan Islands. Some top islands that you may want to visit are Matukad Island, Pitogo Island, Sabitang Laya, Minalahos Island, Lahus Island, Hunongan Island, Gota Island, Tinago Island, Catanhawan Island, Cotivas Island, and Tayak Island. I love these places; they are true wonders.

To do on Caramoan Islands

The island has been featured several times in the television news and programs. Tourists from all over the world started to explore the beaches. Throughout the years, it continues to gain tourism. 
Many adventurers enjoy various activities on the island. Island hoppers enjoy the perfect getaway. Some activities you can try aside from swimming, are diving, snorkeling, spelunking, kayaking, and many more. You may find the following gears helpful:

You can go camping, rock climbing on the scenic limestone, trekking, island hopping, mountain biking, kiteboarding, and a lot more. You’ll not run out of things to do, I promise.

Places to Stay in Caramoan

When I went to Caramoan Island with my co-teacher and student, we stayed at Gota Beach Resort. It’s a pretty lovely resort with a complete facility. There’sThere’s a restaurant to eat, and parking spaces are well-provided. I brought with me my Globe Broadband internet connection, and it worked well. I was surprised by the fast signal. Of course, I need an internet connection to Facetime my honey. 

Caramoan Island

Caramoan Island

Here is the list of pension houses, inns, or hotels you can stay at if you are looking for accommodations. 

  • Caramoan Home Stay
  • West Peninsula Villas
  • Gota Beach
  • Caramoan kayaks Inn
  • La Casa Roa
  • Villa Juliana inn
  • Rex Tourist Inn
  • Caramoan Kayaks Inn
  • BC Hometel Kayaks Inn

There are other residences to stay at, and some other houses you can try if you are looking for transient dwellings. I’m sure you’ll not find any difficulty looking for when you arrive. 

To Get to Caramoan

If you want to travel by land, you can take buses or vans from Naga City terminal, and it will take you about five hours. I remember, from Pili, Camarines Sur, it’s a town beside Naga City; I drove from our residence, going to Gota Beach, and it took us less than five hours. Before lunchtime, we’re there. 

Alternatively, you can travel by sea after traveling by land. Take a bus from Naga City, then get down in Tigaon, Camarines Sur, ride a jeepney or a tricycle going to Sabang. At Sabang Port, take the speed boat, and you’ll be in Caramoan in less than two hours.

So, what if you’re from Manila, and you want to take the plane? It’s either you fly from Manila to Legazpi, or so much better fly from Manila Airport to Naga City Airport, ride a tricycle going to Naga city terminal, then follow the first route travel by land. Alternately, get the quickest fly from Manila to Virac. Then, drive an hour to Codon Port, then take a speed boat drive for only 30 minutes.

If you want to reach various islands, like those islands I mentioned more above, you’ll need to rent a boat to take you there for Island hopping. Prices range from 1500 -2500  pesos or more – it’s about $50. It depends on who you get, and the service included. It’s like we paid 2500 when we had an island hopping. The boat was huge, so we were plenty of island hoppers. 

I hope you find this blog helpful. Thank you for reading. 

P.S. Whenever I travel, I always use to book my hotel accommodations

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