As a teacher, I came to realize what am I in the classroom. Am I a presenter or a facilitator?



A presenter and a facilitator are not the same. Sometimes, I become a presenter, but most of the time, I am a facilitator.

In this article, I will discuss the difference between a presenter and a facilitator.


A presenter emphasizes the content; he or she controls everything in the class from the talk, setting, and to the order of the content presentation. So, the credibility of a presenter relies mainly on his or her subject matter expertise.

The goal of a presenter is only to inform the audience about the content. Thus, he or she possesses all the knowledge of the content. It is the reason why the audience is mostly passive. They are not accountable for their learning; the presenter becomes accountable for it. Most of all, a presenter can only engage the learners at the thinking level and not beyond that.


On the other hand, a facilitator focuses on the learners. He or she shares control with the learners by getting their input and structuring the learning environment and climate accordingly. Therefore, the credibility of a facilitator does not only depend on his or her expertise on the subject matter, but more than that. It depends on how he or she creates the learning environment for the learners and how he or she processes the activities in the group. The credibility of a facilitator also relies on how he or she links the training in the classroom to the learner’s jobs, as well as his or her flexibility to adapt and support the learners.




A facilitator keeps the spotlight on the learners and helps them in self-discovering of the contents. He or she shares content and pulls it out from the learners. Usually, when the process is like this, the audience is active, and the accountability for learning is shared between the facilitator and the learner. Most of all, if you are a facilitator, you engage the learners at multiple levels of thinking – from cognitive, intuitive, to the emotional aspect.


If you understand the difference between a presenter and a facilitator, you can now identify which one fits your class. Somehow, these two may overlap. Sometimes, they are combined.

Are you a presenter or a facilitator? Think about it. You can answer both.

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